STEYR A2 MF Pistol

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Yes, that Steyr has a handgun. They've incremented their A1 model with a modular frame, hence the MF, and for now this means swap-able grip panels and backstraps. More modules / variations are in the works. You can currently get it in 9mm with a 4.5" barrel, 5lb trigger, and 10 or 17 round magazines. It weighs 1.7 lbs empty and measures 7.9" x 5.6" x 1.3". Suggest retail is $675

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Aimpoint ACRO P-1

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This compact Red Dot Sight (RDS) is fully enclosed which means that the red LED that projects the sight picture is protected from blockage by dirt, mud, dust, or debris. So all you have to do is keep the front and rear glass clear to aim. If it were unenclosed, something could block the LED and require involved cleaning.

Battery life is about 1.5 years at typical daylight usage settings and much longer at lower settings including NVD. There are 10 display illumination settings changed via the +/- buttons on the side. The ACRO is also rated to 82ft underwater.

It is 1.9" long x 1.2" tall x 1.2" wide and weighs 2.1 oz. Street prices range from under $600 to over $700 depending on the exact kit.
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EDgun Leshiy Gen 2 Air Rifle

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We came across this high end single shot air rifle while looking into "harvesting" some of the booming feral iguana population in South Florida. The base receiver can handle .177, .22 and .25 caliber pellets just by changing barrels. The 40cc tank can handle up to 300 bar pressure and give 20-40 shots depending in caliber. It can be stored with the stock folded, making it very compact. (Leshiy means "forest gnomeā€¯ in Russian)
Suggested retail is $1395 (scope and bipod not included)
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