Stealth Gunpowder – the 2015 SHOT Show Company to Watch!

Stealth Gunpowder is the company and product with the greatest potential that we saw at SHOT Show 2015.
This very small company announced a flashless gunpowder that will practically eliminate the orange fire that comes out of most gun barrels.

Now Stealth Gunpowder hasn’t been getting a lot of love on the internet pre-SHOT Show.  Hey, I can appreciate and respect healthy skepticism, especially when just the internet is the source.  Here’s the thing, I got to meet 2 of the main people involved in person at SHOT and IMHO they are honest, straight up, salt of the earth guys who know the meaning of hard work.   That they are not slick or flashy leads me to believe their new gunpowder is also flashfree.  They don’t seem to be asking for money in advance so personally I’d give them way more credibility than most anything Kickstarter.  America needs more people like this.

They had an idea then started plugging away at making it a reality, got some help with the gunpowder chemistry stuff they didn’t know about, and *only* 16 years later they tell the world they have a gunpowder that has practically no flash and will also improve accuracy, reliability and barrel life.  I’ll agree these are pretty big claims and the burden of proof is on them.  Time will tell and it’s not costing me anything to give them the benefit of the doubt till this April when engineering samples are sent out and multiple independent firing test results come in.  You can see the details and video on their website