NRA Jotto Gear Handgun Locking Holster

This NRA-licensed holster is made of plate steel and is intended to be bolted to a surface in your vehicle, home or office and has a tubular key lock.  It comes with an adjustment spacer and 2 mounting plates, a right angle and a diagonal.  MSRP is $159 and as of this post date they are offering free shippng – limited time offer! Details to follow on their keyless fingerprint access system that can store up to 99 fingers.   Jotto Gear also makes other in-vehicle storage systems including a computer laptop stand and a sliding cargo deck.


Bondhus CL380 Ultra Compact Handgun

Pictured below is the Bondhus CL380,  a 2 shot (.380) 6 oz pistol in the ready to fire configuration.  The 2 vertical sections fold flat for maximum concealment – 0.85″ thick, 2.3″ wide and 3.6″ long – this is about the footprint of a credit card.  The experienced concealed carrier will appreciate that the rectangular shape, if it “prints”, will not look like a gun.   The CL380 could be carried like a small cell phone.   It has an integral green aiming laser  It’s stainless steel and expected to start shipping in early 2016.  MSRP is $795.