NRA Jotto Gear Handgun Locking Holster

This NRA-licensed holster is made of plate steel and is intended to be bolted to a surface in your vehicle, home or office and has a tubular key lock.  It comes with an adjustment spacer and 2 mounting plates, a right angle and a diagonal.  MSRP is $159 and as of this post date they are offering free shippng – limited time offer! Details to follow on their keyless fingerprint access system that can store up to 99 fingers.   Jotto Gear also makes other in-vehicle storage systems including a computer laptop stand and a sliding cargo deck.


Bondhus CL380 Ultra Compact Handgun

Pictured below is the Bondhus CL380,  a 2 shot (.380) 6 oz pistol in the ready to fire configuration.  The 2 vertical sections fold flat for maximum concealment – 0.85″ thick, 2.3″ wide and 3.6″ long – this is about the footprint of a credit card.  The experienced concealed carrier will appreciate that the rectangular shape, if it “prints”, will not look like a gun.   The CL380 could be carried like a small cell phone.   It has an integral green aiming laser  It’s stainless steel and expected to start shipping in early 2016.  MSRP is $795.


Taurus Curve


Taurus Curve
Taurus Curve

This integrated conceal carry gun from Taurus has a lot of well considered features.  First, let’s get caliber out of the way – this gun is .380 ACP and I’m fine with that.  If you’re not, then I guess you can start your own gun company or wait and see if Taurus comes out with larger calibers.  The name “Curve” fits because the gun has a slight curve to fit the body more closely and reduce printing.    (I’ll be curious to see if they come out with a lefty version.)   It also has very rounded edges, an integral belt clip, laser and LED light.  Capacity is 6+1 and it weighs 10.1 oz unloaded.  It does not have traditional sights.  Trigger pull is 5-7 lb and double action only. The Curve is practically the same size and weight as the Ruger LCP.  At $392.42 MSRP it’s also just $3.42 more than the base LCP so it’s kind of like you’re getting the laser and light for free.  The integrated laser and light module will also significantly help with reducing printing at the barrel and muzzle.