Paradigm Gator “Duckbill” Shot Spreader

The Navy SEALs used a “duckbill” spreader to get a wider pattern when using shotguns for CQB in Vietnam.  That design worked great but would fracture and fail after extended usage.  Paradigm has revisited and improved the duckbill with 2 versions – one for the Saiga and one to replace the internal choke tube for over a dozen different shotgun models.  The duckbill is door breech capable and should NOT be used with slugs or steel shot.

Go to for the full scoop, some videos and their online store.  MSRP as of this posting was $199 for either. While you’re there, take a look at their way cool Talon gyro-stabilized weapons mount.


Dillon Aero M134 Gatling Gun


The Dillon Aero booth is on the must visit list for many SHOT Show regulars.  It is for me.  They always have some cool videos running and their give away calendar is pretty popular too.  They have an M134 Gatling (7.62 x 51) on static display and a steady stream of posing and picture taking.  This year I learned that the minigun scenes in “Act of Valor” are the most realistic M134 depictions in Hollywood movies.  Basically, the firing rate is not throttled down – you really shouldn’t be able to hear or distinguish individual shots fired – they should all blend together into a beautiful roar.  I also learned that there are different “gear heads” that determine the cyclic rate. I think I heard 7000, 6000 and 3000 RPM (rounds per minute) and maybe a 4000?  And I was informed that the US Coast Guard has the M134 – I pity the fool who does not do as instructed when one of these is pointed in the general direction…